Tips to buy smartphone

12 tips to buy a new Smart phone/ Useful information to buy phone

Tips-1.   please do not buy any kind of second hand or back dated phone. if you have sufficient budget then go for a little bit of high ranged mobile. you can also find several updated mobiles in medium range at market. you all know apps are updating day by day and various types of features are adding in regular basis. so dont want to buy back dated or second hand mobile sets.

Tips 2. always by 4G enable handset which have also VoLTE feature. you all know that all network providers are launching 4G network and it’ll be updated in future. so you need to buy a 4G enable phone definitely with VoLTE   features.

Tips 3. Go for Android mobile because  a huge range of free apps and games is available at Play store than other operating system.

Tips 4.  The most important thing of a mobile is processor. Always try to buy Qualcomm Snapdragon 820-810 version processor. you can buy higher version as well as your budget. Good processor means first phone.

Tips 5. another important thing of a phone is RAM.

RAM means Random Access Memory. Ram makes your phone boost and faster to play games and open apps and doing multitask. plz buy the phone which have minimum 2 GB RAM. you can definitely go for higher range.
Tips 6.  now I am going to talk about Bluetooth and GPS technology and also WiFi. always by Bluetooth 3.0 version.   because by this version you can connect your smart watch with your device/ mobile. GPS means Global positioning system. if you lost your phone then you can track your phone by GPS technology. so your phone must have these features.

Tips 7. now, display. always buy 5 inch display size phone. because this size is very handy and portable also. then buy Amoled display because at this display you can see at huge sunlight. So please check your phone has minimum and 1280×720 pixel display.

Tube 8 .-Now camera. we cannot imagine anything without selfie today. so I need to buy a good quality of camera mobile. I suggest that buy minimum front camera 8 megapixel And rear camera 13 megapixel. do not buy that phone which have not a front camera or LED flash.

Tips 9. now I am going to talk about battery life .when a phone is runs minimum 8 hours with Internet activities then we can say the battery life is good for that set. we need to buy minimum 3000 mAh power battery phone.

Tips  10  –Storage. who are the good user of mobile they need various types of apps games. so they need a lot of space in their mobile. always buy that phone which has minimum 16 GB internal memory and external 32 GB.
Tips 11.Sound. who likes to play video on their mobile and like to listen songs they definitely need Dolby Digital sound phone.  Buy Dolby Digital Sound System phone minimum.

Tips 12. please buy that phone which have minimum two of these features,,

fingerprints security’s
Gorilla Glass
shatter proof
NFC tags