Tips To get Fast traffic within a week

New blogger here I am going to discuss the tips which will help you all to get fast traffic within a week of starting a new website. First of all set the title for the blog, for me its “Latest Blogging Tips for New Blogger”. This is very important to get fast traffic within week as all the article whether relate to blogging or mobile will show the title the same on google search engine.

Second is to show all your best article in every post between the paragraph as “also read” tag. this will also increase your page views as reader keep on reading all the best article and reduce the bounce rate. for the new website decrease in bounce rate mean google will rank higher in search engine.

Third is to write trending article and show your blogging related article in between paragraph. for example today trending topic is “How to make Payment with Paytm for new user”  then write article about 100 words and put your main article in between post. This will make Paytm reader to know about blogging and may read your all the hot topic on blogging and search engine.

Fourth make sister concern blog and show part of your article on those website. for example you write article on “best seo expert in Vasco Goa” then make a website “vascoblogging” to give backlink to tour main website. this will get fast traffic from the search result who search with word vasco.

Fifth make some blogs on keyword rich on particular word with small article which are trending topic on seo and blogging tips and give back link to main website this will give fast traffic for that week.

Sixth Never copy from  other website, If you want to write same topic then write using your own word and using main keywords and local words like vasco Goa. only repost if topic is hot and fresh information on blogging seo tips. and see that it do not high high search competition.

Now little recap of my all point to get fast traffic within a week.
1 make blog title fix relate to blogging tips
2 show best article in between paragraph
3 write trending article ans show links of main blogging tips post
4 make some sister concern website ( using local city name)
5 write some trending article on blogging tips

I request you all to share your experience on bogging on comment section to help all new  blogger.