How to Accelerate Wifi Internet Connection on Computer

How to Speed ​​Up / Accelerate Wifi Internet Connection on PC Laptop & Computer – Who does not know wifi aka wireless fidelity, this one network is quite popular buddy. But for certain things I think less comprehensive, the article when we install wifi is usually also equipped with a home phone. Wifi is in need of the name FO or fiber optic, sometimes we’ve heard wifi fiber optic.
Well this is different from the last year where wifi is still using copper to connect, other than that wifi speed was still fairly slow. If we compare wifi jadul with wifi now must be very much different, one of them is the speed then is for wifi is now more minimal struck because I already use fiber optic I read from brochures that exist in one of the wifi providers.
How to increase the speed of wifi connection
How to Speed ​​Up WiFi Connection on PC Easily
For friends who connect the internet on wifi must sometimes also experience wifi connection is slow, although the connection is fairly slow. But sometimes there are still problems in terms of internet connection, not infrequently of us complain about koneski is so slow. Did you know that internet connection in Indonesia is a country with internet connection that has internet speed drawn.
Wow kok kok sob yes, well this is not really a problem for us. The reason this is in servey with common alias is not included for fast wifi class. For the size of wifi with a speed of 5mb to 100mb is fairly fast what else if more. Indeed not all internet wifi access providers are using 100mb upwards but there kok kok one of the internet phone network providers are very cheap with the speed that amazingly fast in Indonesia there. Unfortunately maybe we are less familiar brandnya, and also for the provider network is not evenly distributed me.


Then for those of you who like internet in the cafe of course often experience this, internet in cybercafe it can be used up to 20 wifi there are even up to 40. Kalo dah so much cringe my friend must really slow, rarely in Indonesia cafe that install the package More than 10MB / second. Well I yesterday to play to the internet cafe to practice this tutorial and proven to increase the speed of wifi internet in the cafe computer.


How to Speed ​​up Koneski Internet Wifi on Computers and Laptops
To be able to increase the speed of internet wifi just need to do some easy way just friend, but this way quite effective and proven its success because I also often use this way when playing in internet cafe or internet cafes.
# 1. How to Improve Internet Connection with CMD + Notepad
A. Open the notepad app, press the key on the WINDOWS + R keyboard, lalringikan the word notepad. Or can click start then typed notepad and will appear just click the notepad program.
B. After that type “ping -t” without quotes yes sob.
C. Then just click save as with type “All Files” then input the name to “ping.bat” then specify the location of the fiel storage and then click save
D. If you already open the ping.bat file, it will begin to increase the speed of your wifi connection.
# 2. How to Improve Internet Connection on PC use Protocol
A. Click the start button, then go to Control Panel.
B. After that click “Network & Internet Connection” then select Network Connection.
C. If it is right click on “Local Area Connection” and select properties.
D. Then select internet protocol (TCP / IP) just click properties.
E. Then click Use Following DNS Server.
F. You can fill dns server with number or can also be dns 2020.62.220.220 alternetif.
G. Next click OK, and you can check whether it is fast what not internet wifinya.
Now it’s very easy sob how to speed up wifi connection on computers & laptops without the application, if my friend is still confused or there is criticism to be conveyed, then can creamkan question in comment field. Keep up with interesting information about computers and gadgets on ruralrefied.